Linux Package Build Process

Code Building on Xerexes (x86_64)

SPO600 Week 1 Code Building Deliverable


  1. Download newest file directory of gnuchess from
  2. Unpack into playground using gzip -d, followed by tar -xf
  3. Ran ./Configure which presented no issues. I think someone else has already installed this packaged before
  4. Ran make, followed by make install.
  5. Had to specify a local directory for the install files to avoid the program attempting to install itself globally on the server.
  6. In the src folder, copying the gnuchess.ini file to the specified folder (because it does not copy correctly?) is required to run the application.
  7. Enjoy terminal chess by running ./src/gnuchess


  1. Cloned the git repo from into my plaground directory
  2. Ran ./configure --prefix=/home/####/playground/vim_install for predefined install directory
  3. Ran make, followed by make install.
  4. Vim runs perfectly by running ./src/vim