# Pop!OS

Experiment: Moving to Pop!OS For A Month

As of this past weekend, which marked the start of March and what appears to be kinder climates, I opted to conclude the one year experiment and evaluate the state of the Linux desktop in comparison for a month. Though Windows itself wasn't giving much grief, there were still workflows and quirks that I truly never got over; likewise developing with WSL 2.0 proved to be quite the abstract objective than I thought which led to quite a bit of productivity-loss. I still quite enjoy the concept of Windows Subsystem for Linux, and feel that if I had started using it from day one instead of dropping it into a pre-existing `GIT-BASH` setup that things would be quite smoother. Curiously, I have plans to test exactly that If I end up returning to Windows 10 in the near future. Regardless, I have to work with CentOS, Red Hat and Fedora systems daily at work -which, encourages me to run a similar system for both my home an development environments. Such familiarity truly can help produce fantastic results when enveloped in a unified mindset among different.